Idi Amin and Mandela

Did you know that upon his release from decades of imprisonment on Roben Island, South Africa’s hero Nelson Mandela thanked Idi Amin for the role Idi Amin played in overthrowing Apartheid in South Africa?

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The Airhostess asked to see Adroru’s ticket and Passport before she could board the flight to Johannesburg.  As she handed the Airhostess the ticket and the United Nations Travel Document that had been issued in lieu of a Passport by the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, Switzerland, Adroru wondered what Ligito would say about her impending encounter with the Apartheid System of South Africa and the suspicious look she was getting from the Airhostess.

Adroru suppressed a chuckle as she looked at the Airhostess and dialogued in her head, “You stupid, pompous, ugly, puffed up, croaking frog”.  Adroru had a lingering smile on her lips as she recalled the times she and Ligito made fun of people that look down upon others and referred to them as stupid, ugly, puffed up croaking frogs. She and Ligito always exchange a knowing look whenever they encounter people who discriminate against and/or treat other people as inferior beings.

Ligito always becomes very upset when anyone is discriminated against and/or treated as an inferior being! He is constantly telling that people who discriminate against other people, put others down and/or treat people badly are like croaking frogs. Adroru knows what Ligito means by this insult and always rolls on the floor with laughter when Ligito jeers, "look at the bastards!" "They are like puffed up, ugly croaking frogs and they don't even see it!"

Adroru knows that every Kakwa despises and considers a frog as one of the ugliest and weakest animals on earth; that in fact if a Kakwa wants to insult someone or challenge someone to a physical fight, they only have to call the person a "frog"; that frogs are ugliest when they are puffed up and croaking.

Adroru often chuckles as she observes frogs loudly croaking during her trips to the well. The croaking frogs always irritate her with their deep, hoarse, ugly and monotonous songs. They are always so puffed up and seem so pompous as if saying, "look at us, aren't we the weakest, loudest and ugliest creatures on earth?"

The Airhostess had started speaking to Adroru in Afrikaans, then she had switched to a strange and heavily accented English that Adroru could hardly understand, when she realized that Adroru didn’t undersand a word of what she was asking.  

“Where is your passport?” the Airhostess repeated in the heavily accented English, because Adroru could only produce a United Nations Travel Document and not a real Passport as everyone had. 

“I am a Conventional Refugee.  I am using a United Nations Travel Document for travelling”, Adroru responded to the question in "perfect" English that had a "tint" of British accent.  

“Where are you from?” insisted the Airhostess.

“I am from Uganda”, Adroru offered, wondering what the Airhostess was now thinking because Idi Amin had boasted about liberating Black South Africans by force and bombing Cape Town when he was in power.  Adroru's aunt had also told her stories about South Africa when she and her husband were living in Lesotho.  Her aunt’s husband had been posted to Lesotho as Uganda’s ambassador to Lesotho during Idi Amin’s regime and the two had taken periodic trips to South Africa.

Ligito constantly told jokes about Idi Amin’s threats to bomb South Africa and overthrow the Apartheid Regime by force.  Amin even named one of his residences after Cape Town for that reason, Ligito said.